Changing Your Pool Area

There is nothing more inviting on a hot summer’s day than the cool water of a swimming pool. Years ago home swimming pools did not vary much in design but that has changed. We at First Coast Pavers are ready to build or upgrade your swimming pool surroundings to create a vision of outstanding beauty and design.


The most popular materials for changing the swimming pool area are stamped concrete or pavers. Stamped concrete has the advantage of being able to mimic other materials. A base color is mixed into concrete and placed on the pool’s deck. This is followed by a release color which is spread on top of the original concrete. It is then stamped with a seamless stone, flagstone, slate or other type of pattern.

Pavers are placed on the pool deck in pieces. They can be bricks, concrete bricks, or various types of stone. As a rule, polymeric sand is used between the pavers to eliminate possible maintenance problems. Pavers allow the homeowner a wide choice in designs and colors. They will not crack and can be a beautiful addition to the surrounding landscape.


The advantages of a beautifully designed pool area are numerous. It not only adds to the overall beauty of the overall landscaping but increases property value as well.

Imagine inviting friends over for a pool party. When added to the existing elements of the yard, a beautiful pool will add to the feeling of togetherness as well as providing an excellent place for a swim.


Regardless of the shape of your pool or the size of your yard, it is possible to create something that is not only beautiful but matches and enhances the main house. We, at First Coast Pavers, can talk you through different options, such as combining the pool area with a patio or helping you envision and create a pool area that provides you with exactly what you are looking for.


At First Coast Pavers, we have professionals who will work with you to select the best materials, designs, and colors to fit your particular situation. We will help you incorporate your specific needs and ideas into something that will enhance both to the poolside and the surrounding landscaping.

Well aware of today’s budget crunch, we will help you design something that is within your budget. It is our wish to help you make your swimming area into a beautiful place of personal enjoyment and deep relaxation.

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